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Finding a Profitable Product
Brad Callen's ASM Analyzer software
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  • Built from scratch, based on the exact strategies
    Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) teaches!
  • Automates the ENTIRE process of Finding Profitable
    to sell on Amazon!
  • Instead of finding 1 potentially profitable product after
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  • Track your product's Amazon Ranking Automatically!
  • Both PC and MAC compatible.
  • And much more!
Insider Secrets to Product Sourcing + Flipping Products on Amazon ($347 Value!)
  • Product Sourcing Blueprint Service - 3 Months FREE for first 50 customers
  • Recipe and detailed instructions on how "Flip" products on Amazon
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Product Images - Done For You!
We'll Pay for Your First Product Image For YOU!
  • Real Product Shots from Professional Photographer
  • This isn't just the typical "get your product label design"
    bonus that you see everywhere else... Instead, we'll provide
    professional studio pictures for you of YOUR Product
    in Action!
  • These are typically harder and more expensive to get done,
    but once you have them on your Amazon product page,
    they will almost instantly boost your sales conversions!
  • We take care of all the work for you, and then we also
    pay for it!
ISBN Number for your Product
  • An ISBN number is required if you want to sell a product on Amazon
  • We'll give you your first ISBN number for FREE!
Done-For-You SEO and Product Ranking:
Getting FAST Buyer Traffic with Our Underground
SEO Software, Private Networks, and SEO Expertise!
We'll Rank YOUR Product Page FOR YOU!
This is no small undertaking and once we agree on the
keyword, we will put our SEO team to work to push your
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For the FIRST 50 customers, and then after that,
others will get the full recipe for how we do this,
watching over our shoulder as we rank them!

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Full Access to SEONitro 2.0
This private SEO system is
a POWERHOUSE! We are going
to give you $1,000 in credits
that you can use anytime.
You can buy high PR authority links,
press releases, guest blogging, content,
you name it! This is the main system
we use to rank ALL of our
websites and Amazon products.

5 Personal PR3 Sites
I am going to buy 5 PR3 sites
and then and build them for your
hosting so you have leverage
to push your Amazon Product Pages
are you sites so you can link them
to anything you want. 5 PR3 sites,

LIVE EVENT: Free Ticket to SEORockstars 2014.
This will be held in San Francisco at the end of September 2014.
I know that is a long way off, but a third of the 100 seats that
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Video Recording of SEORockstars 2012 and 2013
These have NEVER sold online and is this is the first time
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in the SEO world is critical.
The Full SEO Cookbook
** Never-Before sold online **

A combination of "how to rank" recipes
compiled straight from the 7-Figure
SEO Brains our private Mastermind group. We're going to "systematize" every process, tool, and framework used to dominate their niche on Google, Amazon, YouTube, and more... and give them to you.

Ranking on Amazon Recipe
Not only will we get your product ranked for a keyword of your choice (see above), but we will teach you exactly how to do it on your own! You can use the same recipe for any product, in any niche market, and for practically any keywords!

Getting Instant BUYER Traffic Straight to Your Product
Facebook Traffic Course:
Social Media Ad Genius
  • This course was created after spending
    $1,000,000 in ad spend on Facebook
    , and
    Years Of Digging Through The Trenches
    To Find What Really Works
  • This will all you to dominate ANY niche
    In ANY Market, and Rake In
    Tons Of Cash selling your Amazon products,
    advertising through Facebook!
  • Start Laser-Targeting The Exact Customer
    That Is Hungry And Eager To Buy Your Stuff
  • Instantly Attract More Qualified Leads, Cheaper Leads,
    and Leads That Require The Least Amount Of Persuasion so you
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  • Literally THE EASIEST way to drive buyer traffic to your Amazon products!
Personalized Over-the-Shoulder Support to Ramp Up Sales!
30-minute Personal Consultation with Dori ($1,000/hr rate!)
You can use this for whatever you want! Many will use this to
create a plan for ranking your Amazon product pages
after we do your first one.

Note: Dori rarely ever does personal consultations
because her hourly price is $1k per hour!

Private ASM Mastermind Group
Where Experts and Our Past Customers Who Have Succeeded with this
Same Exact Amazon Business Offer their Help to New ASM Members. Some of
the most profitable partnerships we have ever seen have been
developed here! Check out success stories of our mastermind members.
We'll Do Amazing Selling Machine WITH YOU - STEP BY STEP! ($1,000 value)
We're going to set up a new product along side you, and we will tell you the exact product we private label... how we get it packaged, put on amazon and jumped to the top of Amazon's search engine in no time flat!

Vault of Amazing Selling Machine Resources
We have built up a massive collection of insider resources over the
past year of going through the original Amazing Selling Machine course
and putting into action what they teach. These are custom resouces that
you won't find ANYWHERE else!
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When the Amazing Selling Machine first launched in 2013, several of our members joined. A few months after, our members (now part of our private ASM mastermind) started sharing some amazing results!

We have interviewed several of them so that you can see that many of them were complete beginners when it came to selling anything online. And now, several of them are selling over $50,000 per month!

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